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Pitpro 140 Big Foot Pit bike Mechanics Review from www.scootercommunity.com.au
Date Posted - Mon 21st Dec 2009
Pitpro 140 Big Foot Pit bike Mechanics Review from www.scootercommunity.com.au

As most of my customers know I'm not a fan of some of the junk motorcycles and scooters that are getting churned out of China at the moment. The lack of build quality is appalling on some brands. But after a recent ride on a Pitpro I can definitely say that Pitpro is not one of these cheap quality Chinese brands. I recently bought a Pitpro 140 Big Foot to go riding with my 6 year old of a weekend. Now she's not the fastest rider in the world so I didn't need some kind of rocket, latest high tech, all singing all dancing dirt bike to keep up with her and the Pitpro seemed to fit the bill. The price was right and I thought the little 140 engine would be under powered enough to safely plod along behind her Yamaha Peewee. And here was the first under estimation of the Pitpro. Kick starting this bike in the shop for the very first time gave me the shock of my life. I was expecting a sound along the lines of a Honda CT110. WRONG! This thing absolutely barked from it's Pro Circuit looking muffler and the note it gave made it sound like it had a fare bit of grunt. The next day and we were at the track. I normaly start my daughter off and let her do a few laps just to let her get her bearings. She only got half way around the track before she gave me the "come on dad" wave to let me know she was ok. I jumped on the Pitpro and I was away after her. HOLY CRAP! For a 140cc engine this thing really got up and went. First gear wheelies were easy. Second gear wheelies were easy with a bit of clutch and third and fourth gear wheelies just require you to sit towards the back of the seat and tug on the bars with a dab of the clutch. I couldn't believe how fast this thing went. The brakes and the handling were pretty good too and as a value for money package the Pitpro was worth every cent. This bike was one of the most fun bikes I've ridden in a long time.


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